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Tennessee Law for Handgun Carry Permit Holders
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Legalities of Carrying a Firearm for Personal Protection in Tennessee

We probably all know  that ignorance of the law is no excuse and have heard that "a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure."  

    Addressing both issues . . . you are invited to join SFWA Director and attorney, Robert R. Rexrode, J.D. along with SFWA Founder, Susan Rexrode, and distinguished guests as we explore important legalities pertaining to our rights, duties and responsibilities as handgun carry permit holders in Tennessee.

  • This is a four hour course and will include such topics as:
  • •   A review of what the Tennessee Department of Safety wants us to know as handgun carry permit holders
  • •   The state & municipal laws which govern the use of firearms for self-defense in Tennessee
  • •   The Federal laws which govern use of firearms in Tennessee
  • •   Where handgun carry permit holders can carry in Tennessee and where carry is prohibited
  • •   Traveling outside of Tennessee with firearm(s)
  • •   What  to do if pulled by a police officer while driving with a gun in the car
  • •   What to do to protect yourself immediately after using a firearm in self-defense
  • •   Interesting Tennessee case(s) 
  • •   Purchasing & selling firearms in Tennessee
  • •   Answers to your questions
  • •   and more!  

Handgun carry permit class students have overwhelmingly requested this class to be offered - and your time is NOW!  DON'T MISS THIS CLASS!

 (Classroom only)

This course is designed to help you make the plans and take the steps necessary to defend you and your loved ones in the event an attacker enters your home.
—Rob and Susan Rexrode

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