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            Instructor Certifications are available only  "to approved" applicants and classes are scheduled as needed.
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What does only "to approved" applicants mean?

SFWA is a non-profit organization and Level II Certified Handgun Safety Training School. It is our mission to help women (and men) receive the highest level of training possible as they pursue carrying a handgun for personal protection. It is therefore important to us that the people who come to us to become "instructor certified" to teach the State Handgun Carry Permit Safety Course or SFWA Advanced Level curriculum are provided the highest level of hands-on training possible so that the students who trust those instructors for their education will be well-served.

SFWA is not interested in cranking out instructor certifications. We ARE interested in finding the people who are interested in offering women (and men) the highest level of training they can--not simply getting an instructor certification (very often completed in less than the time approved by the state) at the lowest cost and the shortest amount of time. Thus, SFWA is very particular in whom we certify--to us, attitude is paramount (and although the huge majority of people we work with are extremely firearms savvy), we know that we will bring you to the aptitude level required for certification 

When an instructor completes our certification training, they will be truly prepared to teach the curriculum--with the actual materials necessary to do so.  on your level of experience and your

to participate in any advanced course, you must be a valid handgun carry permit holder or have taken the Handgun Carry Permit Course or Handgun Essentials Course from a SFWA Certified Instructor.

     #1   What Women Want

     #2   Laser Training, Tips & Techniques

     #3  Handgun Anatomy & Maintenance 101 

     #4   Personal Protection At Home

     #5   Handgun Defensive Tactics

     #6   Practice, Power and Precision  

     #7   TN Law for Handgun Carry Permit Holders

     #8   Advanced Tactical Handgun

Can MEN attend advanced classes?
Yes, SFWA is excited to offer men who accompany a woman the exceptional benefit of participating in SFWA Advanced Classes. Very often men may attend for a reduced observation rate that covers lunch or as a guest at a lower rate!

What happens if I register for a class and ultimately am unable to attend?
SFWA always permits you to transfer your registration in a class to another person, or you may EMAIL us and we will be happy to move you to a different class in the future (based on availability, of course). Course fees are non-refundable otherwise.  

What do I need to bring to class?
Bring your driver's license (or other valid photo ID) with you and be SURE TO READ the class description carefully to determine if you need to bring anything particular with you to a class. Most courses include all the elements you will need to participate, but on occasion you may need to provide ammunition or bring some personal equipment or items. PLEASE remember that NEVER is ammunition permitted in the classroom. Firearms may be required in certain classes but if you will need to bring any firearms it will be plainly indicated in the course description. Proper transportation of firearms and ammunition to and from the range for personal use during the live-fire portion of any course will be discussed during class.    

What if I am LATE to class?
You should arrive about 15 minutes early (prior to the start time of the class) to assure you can get settled before the course begins. Classes start PROMPTLY at the scheduled start time. SFWA courses are packed full of information and we will not have sufficient time to get everything covered effectively if we start late.

Do I need a PayPal account to register online?
, SFWA course fees and donations that are paid online are deposited into SFWA's PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation with a credit card, debit card bearing the Visa or MasterCard logo, or an electronic check.   

Are drinks and food permitted in the classroom?
Yes, drinks are permitted in the classroom. However, food is NOT permitted. When attending an advanced course at SFWA University that is longer than 4 hours, lunch or snacks are usually provided unless there is a scheduled lunch break.

What other costs are there associated with the class?
Your course description will list the entire out-of-pocket cost for the class. Please read the description carefully.

Do I receive a certificate of successful completion from SFWA?
You sure will! Many instructors work toward participating in all SFWA instructor courses to collect each one! SFWA Certified Instructor Certifications do not expire.

Am I required to participate in continuing education to keep my instructor certifications with SFWA?
Participation in on-site paid continuing education courses are NOT required to maintain your SFWA Certified Instructor Certifications. SFWA does encourage all instructors to continue to learn as much as possible from SFWA, other schools, instructors, colleague or quality resources that will continue to help them grow as an instructor. However, when you receive an instructor certification from SFWA, you are certified to teach that curriculum and your certification does not expire or require additional payment. SFWA Instructors eagerly maintain an on-going relationship with SFWA which consists of exclusive SFWA instructor groups and other learning opportunities including yearly "quizzes" and other informal communications.

Is SFWA a women's social group that requires yearly membership?
SFWA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that offers support and excellent education opportunities for women and their families, including instructor certifications that permit other like-minded people with a sincere desire to motivate and educate women and youth toward all the shooting sports, firearms safety, conservation and personal protection have to offer from what we call a "softer side of shooting" perspective. We place our focus on helping other women's groups and those associated with the industry make the experiences they share with women and their families as best as they can be. SFWA does sell memberships for the purpose of permitting those who have a desire to "join" with us and support the effort to empower women through excellent quality education. However, membership is not mandatory.

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