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NEW!  Will be active soon!
SFWA has a new kids club program that includes SHOOTING FIREARMS, ARCHERY and FISHING
offering kids the opportunity to experience many OUTDOOR ADVENTURES!

   Family Firearms Safety Training
            and  FAMILY FUN COMPETITION!

Don't Miss Out!
only 2 Saturdays, 1-5pm

It is official, the event everyone has been waiting for . . .
Ages 6 and up !

SFWA's Family Firearms Safety Training
and Family
Fun Competition

This is an exciting exclusive opportunity for family members as young as 6 years old to experience SFWA quality hands-on firearms safety training and then compete as a family team in a fun shooting competition against other participating families!

Points covered include:

           *   Rules of Safety

           *   Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun Operation

           *   Ammunition, Loading and Unloading

           *   Cleaning and Storage

           *   Passing a Firearm Safely

           *   Home Defense for Families

           *   Shooting Sports

Family Registration is $39 (which includes the first family member) and then you register each additional family member for only $7 each! The family will begin the course upstairs in the conference room at Bass Pro Shops with (rifle, shotgun and handgun) comprehensive hands-on firearms safety training presented by SFWA Instructors and then finish the day by competing outside at Bass Pro Shops as a family unit against other participating families in a fun live fire competition with Crosman airguns! Prizes will be awarded in different categories providing opportunities for everyone to test their skills! 

Successful completion of this course, plus approval of SFWA Instructors, will permit family members to register for an advanced family firearms training course that includes live fire at the shooting range with handguns, shotguns and rifles suited to each individual's level of ability. 

If any family member has participated in a State Certified Hunter Safety Course, please bring your card with you! 

IMPORTANT: At least one family member must have taken an SFWA course or have a valid Handgun Permit to enroll their family in this course. Please email any questions to susan@shootingforwomenalliance.com and allow 48 hours for a reply.

All minors MUST be accompanied by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN -- grandparents and other family members must provide a written waiver form signed by the parent (provided by SFWA upon request) of a minor if the parent will not be attending with the minor child.

SFWA reserves the right to prohibit participation by any family member who exhibits unsafe behavior at any time.

Everything you will need to participate in this course is provided for you! You are permitted and strongly encouraged to bring any firearms owned by family members to the class. They MUST BE UNLOADED and be locked for safety. (Locking devices will be put on all firearms brought to the class unless they are in a locked case.) SFWA is dedicated to introducing families to firearms in a safe manner. 

Click the date you want to register below:

Classes forming when the weather is warmer, Stay tuned please!

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