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This is the opportunity to "become certified" to offer advanced classes designed for the Modern Woman!


If you have discovered this page on our site, it is because you (or someone you know) have been personally invited to attend this high-paced, exclusive training event. That means someone feels you have what it takes to become SFWA Certified as an Instructor with the attitude that is truly women-friendly.

Congratulations! . . . We hope you will make the decision to make a difference in your life and others!

Why become an SFWA Advanced Course Certified Instructor?
Because the modern woman who needs a gun for protection needs quality training that does not take a lifetime to perfect. And we need people like YOU in your local area to help them!

Although everyone who works with SFWA is a non-paid volunteer, that does not mean that you are prohibited from charging a fee or raising money with the courses you will teach as a SFWA Certified Instructor. We want you to make money doing what you love and we would appreciate a donation to SFWA along the way! We are willing to train you and give you the supporting materials you will need to teach the courses to women and their families in your local area at a very low cost to help us reach more women than we could ever do without you!

Donations are not mandatory, otherwise they would not be donations. Most SFWA Certified Instructors donate $5 per student whenever possible when they teach our courses. Some even give more when they can. No matter what, SFWA Instructors are NEVER required to purchase materials from us for their student's use when teaching our courses, and certificates of completion for students are provided too so that you can print them out, sign them and present them to your students as proof of their satisfactory completion of your course! (Thus, are more likely to be extra funds available to donate as you can.)

—Susan Carrichner Rexrode, SFWA Founder

Here are 10 of the techniques you will learn:

#1  What is necessary to get more women and their families to participate in the programs you offer

#2  How to effectively teach students the techniques necessary to properly clear and recognize malfunctions, as well as manually manipulate the slide on a semi-automatic even when they have limited strength, arthritis or other difficulty

#3  How to fit guns and gear to students that will work with their unique qualities, and which products do and do not work well for women

#4  Proper use of carry purses and other gear designed specifically for women

#5  How to increase the odds of prevailing if attacked

#6  How to effectively teach children and women

#7  How to talk with women about firearms and personal defense

#8  Mindset for Instructor/Student when it comes to personal defense with a handgun for the modern woman and her family

#9  How to teach students to shoot better, really!

#10  Answers to your questions, and more!

« Total cost to participate is $1,554 per person.
« Couples and/or colleagues from the same organization may attend and share materials at a reduced cost for the accompanying attendee
« Click the Register Now button for more info

Note: SFWA is not trying to make thousands of dollars teaching people to become instructors, or selling curriculum, that is apparent because of the extreme value and low cost. That does not mean that the training and what you will receive is inferior, actually our materials are comprehensive, the training techniques exceptional and the results, exciting.


"Master Instructors" are also By Invitation Only:
If you have ever considered becoming an SFWA Master Instructor where you would help others become SFWA Certified Instructors from your region, please let us know. Once you are a SFWA Certified/Advanced Instructor you may request to be considered to become a Master Instructor. THE COST IS ZERO, ($0) . . . really. There is NO additional cost to you!

If you are interested, but still have questions, please email for more information. Thanks!


SFWA's Basic Handgun Essentials
and7 Advanced Courses are comprehensive, easy to use and designed to be presented to students either in a one-day or multi-day format.

Each course can be broken down to accommodate small or large groups in a structured classroom environment or in a more relaxed ladies' social gathering group.

Click on each class title below to review  the specifics of the course as currently presented to active prospective students who take the classes directly through SFWA:

«Basic Handgun Essentials
«What Women Want
«Practice Power and Precision
«Defensive Handgun Tactics
«Handgun Anatomy & Cleaning 101
«Laser Training Tips & Techniques
«Personal Protection at Home
«Family Firearms Safety & Family-Fun Competition

Instructors will receive a total of 8 course manuals and a USB thumb drive with supporting teaching materials including student completion certificates.

There is no need to purchase materials for your students when you teach these courses as you are permitted to copy the materials for use by your students during the class.

You will receive updated versions of teaching materials should they become available—we are dedicated to keeping the courses up-to-date as SFWA continues to develop effective techniques for use in teaching the modern woman and her family.


«Everything including lunch is provided for this course.

«Scheduled course hours are 9am-5pm each day.

«Day One and Day Two cover the 7 Advanced Courses

«Day Three covers Basic Handgun Essentials

«Softer Side of Shooting Certification materials will be provided for pre-arrival study.  A test score of 100% is required to be certified. (You can't "sort-of" or "almost" know what women want in an instructor. But, no worries, it is our job to get you there!)


. . . Your classes can be overflowing with women (and men they chose to bring with them) when they learn you are offering courses that are designed for the modern woman that will help them increase the odds they will prevail if attacked . . . and help them teach their families firearms safety designed to take their children and loved ones from the "do not touch" stage, to becoming safe responsible firearms owners.

« Accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee; lunch is served each day during training

If you need help finding reasonable accommodations, please let us know!

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