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What Kind of Instructor
You Want to Be?

Instructors are not your average NRA Basic Handgun Instructors, nor are they part of a "franchised" women's group cranked out in a day or three of instruction by often novice leaders.
Our instructors receive the highest level of comprehensive training to assure that their students
are provided the level of training that will increase the odds they will prevail if they must
defend themselves or their loved ones in a life-threatening situation.

It is not about . . . it is about helping YOU become the instructor you desire to be.

There are many different types of women and men who have sought the training we offer to instructors because they wanted more than a "certificate of completion" or a fast track to getting a ladies group started. Our instructors want to have the skills necessary to safely train others to become competent, comfortable and safe with handguns while imparting life protecting knowledge and techniques from the legalities of using deadly force to carry options, individual selection of guns and gear, and the tactics required to put it all together when a life depends on it.

Our instructors participate in much more than a minimal 16 hours of NRA Basic Handgun and PPOTH "instructor" training and a day of "how to teach women" (based on female physics, designer colors and "feel good" criteria)—resulting in NRA/franchised certifications. Many industry professionals feel that this type of instant certification is an injustice to the students who are seeking quality training; but sadly those who suffer are the ones who know not.

We provide our instructors with more than a "shooting diagnostics chart"—we actually teach them how to solve virtually all student shooting errors (and any shooting errors of their own, if necessary)—resulting in higher levels of marksmanship but more inportantly, increasing the odds they can perform better than most under duress. We also teach our instructors how to bring out the best in their students with simple to implement result driven teaching tools rather than just how to "talk" to students.

Here is the story of a woman who originally came to us to learn to protect herself with a handgun and became much more than she ever imagined:
to us to learn to protect herself with a handgun and became much more than sh


NOW Available for Certification in NASHVILLE April 7, 8 & 9
before the NRA Annual Meeting!
By Invitation ONLY!

You must be "Softer Side of Shooting Certified" to become a Certified Instructor of Advanced Courses!

Everything is provided in the
Advanced Course Instructor Certification courses that you will need to participate.

You will receive your very own copy of each course curriculum that you will use to teach each advanced class.

Best of all, you will be given our permission to copy the curriculum for your use with your students. That means that there is no expensive material purchases to make when you teach your students .

Affiliation is Available
only to
Certified Instructors and is Exclusive to Individual Geographical Regions.

There is only one

Campus per 75 mile radius.

DOWNLOAD a PDF file of the
"By Invitation Only" Postcard!
Once you have become "Softer Side of Shooting" Certified, a whole array of Advanced Course Instructor Certifications are available for you to increase the classes you may offer to your students!  As you know, teaching students handgun safety is only the first step in the skills and techniques that they will require as they pursue higher proficiency and increased levels of personal protection.     —Susan Carrichner Rexrode, SFWA Founder

Click the title of the Advanced Courses below to preview what each course curriculum covers.

Classes are listed below in the order most people take each class, but it is not necessary for your students to finish one course before participating in another with the exception of the student having participated in a Basic Handgun Safety Course.

These courses are excellent "next step" advanced courses for students who have participated in a state approved course to apply for a permit to carry a firearm for personal protection.

What Women Want


Handgun Anatomy & Maintenance 101


Handgun Defensive Tactics



Handgun Laser Training,
& Techniques


Practice, Power & Precision


Personal Protection At Home



Additional Popular Courses . . .


Law for Handgun Carry Permit Holders

Family Firearms Safety (Ages 6 & up)
with Fun Family Competition

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's Advanced Courses have been attended by many of the more than 10,000 students who have taken Handgun Safety Classes in the last few years in pursuit of a permit to carry a firearm for personal protection!

Each course has been fine-tuned and tested to meet the needs of students in content as well as being interesting and informative for different levels of experience.

The course curriculum is detailed and organized to make presentation easy and understandable.
Most importantly, it really is NOT about pink—Advanced Courses are specifically designed to be used to teach either men or women!

Actually, men enjoy attending courses with the women in their lives.

(Remember, you must be
"Softer Side of Shooting" Certified before being permitted to pursue Certification to teach the Advanced Courses—Instructors with Handgun Carry Permit Instructor Credentials in any state will be permitted to take the prerequisite certification online prior to attending the Advanced Courses Certification—whether you are pursuing one or all of the available courses. Otherwise, you must do so in person.)

The target shown above is the end result of each of five (5) Certified Instructor Graduates shooting into the hole of the previous graduate on the same target by quickly picking up the handgun focusing and firing!

Instructor Certification courses are designed to bring out the best in the instructor, which ultimately brings out the best in the students—one of the reasons students do so well!

Click for answers to questions that are commonly asked! 

(Click to review Advanced Certification Schedules, too!)
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