learn the technique to shoot multiple bullets in the same hole, diagnose your shooting errors . . . and review your results with us for personal help live virtually!

Pictured is FIVE 9mm Bullets in the Same Hole . . . at 21 feet . . . ONE-Handed; on a post-it note!

Practice, Power and Precision Course . . . Techniques to Shoot Multiple Bullets in the Same Hole! - $99*

Learn How To Practice with the Precision Necessary
to Be Powerful When It Counts!

[Includes LIVE Virtual Training with SFWA Master Certified Instructor]

Once you have selected the handgun that cannot be taken from you in a fight for your life,
this course will teach you the techniques necessary to shoot accurately

This is the 2nd course you should take

What to expect . . .

Simply put, becoming a precision shooter for competition or self defense purposes takes practice. But, it is not that simple.

This ONLINE course puts you on the right track with practice techniques and tips for becoming more proficient with your firearm, no matter your current level of ability. Dry fire exercises during the course are followed by live fire diagnostics with a SFWA Master Certified Instructor live via ZOOM or FaceTime that will help you develop, diagnose and improve the skills necessary to shoot with precision. One-on-one live virtual instructor assistance helps you determine your personal strengths and weaknesses.

You will learn the intricacies of putting your shots consistently in the same spot, and how to correct the things you are doing that keep you from becoming the precision shooter you desire. (Students receive their own Exclusive SFWA Master Shooting Diagnostics Chart.)

There are fun and challenging options for practice and many will be demonstrated with live virtual training with the student. Take away the knowledge the pros have perfected and the techniques you need to shoot precisely from different shooting positions.

"Point and shoot" techniques will be addressed as well as proper sight alignment with traditional sights and night sights. The goal, hit the target with precision—every time.  Learn the techniques and tips that will bring your shooting abilities to the next level!

"This 8-hour course has been divided into 2 parts . . . once you have participated in Part 1, you may take Part 2 which also includes drawing and firing from a holster or your concealed carry option."—Susan Romanov, SFWA Founder


There is more to hitting the "x" the first time (and every time) than meets the eye . . . but it is a skill that can be learned by virtually anyone and at almost any age. Pictured is a closeup of FFIR's business card that a student placed multiple shots in the same hole on the FFIR target on the card. You too will take the challenge! It really is not only for a few to accomplish and each one who succeeds receives their card laminated for bragging rights! 

Most importantly, there is more to protecting yourself than a good day at the shooting range. Once you learn the techniques to shoot consistently, you will progress to using those techniques to shoot on the move or from multiple positions because you never know what position you will find yourself in a self defense situation.

Each student will experience first-hand why punching a "hole" in a target will give you a false sense of security when it comes to self defense with a handgun . . . and more!

SFWA's Practice, Power and Precision course is a comprehensive "personalized" course designed to bring your shooting ability to a higher level and set you on the practice path toward increasing the odds you will prevail in an attack with powerful precision. Every student will have personal live virtual instruction to address individual areas that need enhancement.

Students enjoy putting what they learned into practice, too! Each student will need a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition for the range portion of the course. Although having your own handgun is not a prerequisite to participation in the course, it is encouraged to receive the most relevant instruction from the course for the benefit of carrying a handgun for personal protection. 

What some of our students have to say . . .

Veronica C

Sevierville, TN

Only my second time shooting, I was able to beat my sister in a competition between siblings putting bullets in the same hole!

Brian C

 Corryton, TN

I could not believe how much fun this class was shooting various courses of fire! I am so glad my wife signed me up too! Can't wait for Part 2!

Valencia W

Knoxville, TN

Check out this target! Learning the proper techniques and tips, I am very confident that when is counts, I will be able to protect myself!

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