learn what is expected of you legally when you carry a handgun for personal protection in TN, and more!

This course covers the NEW Tennessee Law and begins with a mock trial where YOU are part of the Jury . . . what verdict will you experience?

New TENNESSEE LAW Course - Learn what the media is not telling you! - $99*

 How to legally carry with or without a permit!

[Includes LIVE Virtual Training with SFWA Master Certified Instructor]

The course starts with a mock trial where you and your fellow students are the jury! 

This is an ESSENTIAL course anytime you can attend

What to expect . . .

"We probably all know that ignorance of the law is no excuse and have heard that 'a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure' . . . don't be subject to a felony offense unknowingly. The New 'Permit-less Carry' TN Law went into effect July 1, 2021 and you will learn in this course what the media is NOT telling you."—Susan Romanov, SFWA Founder


SFWA's Legalities of Carrying a Handgun for Personal Protection is a comprehensive "hands-on" course designed to help those who are permit holders and those who choose to carry without a permit in TN better understand the responsibilities and liabilities when carrying a handgun in Tennessee and beyond. This is the ONLY class of its kind in the state of Tennessee and begins with a mock trial where the students are the jury . . . you will be surprised at what happens in the jury room from class to class!

Plus you receive over 70 pages of law related to carrying a handgun in the state of Tennessee, a copy of the Federal Transportation Guidelines, a color reciprocity state-by-state chart and more!

This is a 3-4 hour course depending on the number of participant questions and includes such topics as:  • A review of what the Tennessee Department of Safety wants us to know as handgun carry permit holders since the law change • The state & municipal laws which govern the use of firearms for self-defense in Tennessee with and without a permit in the state of Tennessee • The Federal laws which govern transporting a firearm  • Where civilians and/or handgun carry permit holders can carry in Tennessee and where carry is prohibited • Traveling outside of Tennessee with firearm(s)  • What to do if pulled over by a police officer while driving with a gun in the car  • What to do to protect yourself immediately after using a firearm in self-defense  • Interesting Tennessee case(s)  • Purchasing & selling firearms in Tennessee  • Answers to your questions . . .  and more!  

Since the New law was passed in Tennessee, civilians have overwhelmingly requested this class!
The "Constitutional Carry" description is better described as "permit-less carry" that now includes increased penalties for violation of Tennessee's handgun laws and turns what used to be a misdemeanor charge into a felony with a mandatory 180 days of incarceration, increased fines and other important restrictions. For example, unless you have a carry permit you may NOT carry your handgun in a public park, waterway or greenway (including on hiking trails) and out-of-state visitors may only carry a handgun in the state of Tennessee with a permit from their resident state.

Everything is provided in this course but bring your questions with you . . .

Answers to your questions will be addressed and you will have a better understanding of the law regarding carrying a handgun for personal protection than you learn in the state certified safety course you are required to take to apply for a permit to carry a handgun for personal protection. Civilians who already have a permit or those considering carrying a handgun without a permit should take this course.

This course also includes a LIVE virtual training segment with a SFWA Master Instructor!

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What some of our students have to say . . .

Veronica C

Sevierville, TN

My grandfather has had is permit for years but he couldn't wait to attend this course when I signed us up. He was not disappointed, and neither was I!

Jerry H

Nashville, TN

I would highly recommend making the effort to take this course! There is not another place I found that offers such a comprehensive course on the new "Constitutional Carry" in Tennessee, The giveaways are a super bonus!

Linda R

Kingsport, TN

What important knowledge I gained in this law course! Now, I finally understand the things that make having a permit more beneficial and the pitfalls of not knowing the legal ramifications of carrying a handgun in Tennessee without a permit.

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