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SFWA Master Instructors have FREE exclusive rights to teach our civilian-oriented basic and advanced courses

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Would you like to become a Softer Side of Shooting
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. . . and provide what women want in your local area?

Yes, our instructor training is by invitation only but you may be just the gal or guy we are looking for in your state. Email me and let's get acquainted! [Pictured here is a group of SFWA students who received 100% scores in an 8-hour course trained by an SFWA Master Certified Instructor . . . it could be you!]
-Susan Romanov

Civilian driven training!

• SFWA Master Instructors excel in training civilians and have full access to the numerous SFWA exclusive courses that take students from newbies to increasing the odds they will prevail in a self defense situation. 

• SFWA Master Instructor credentials are not a repeat of the other national training opportunities . . . these courses were designed specifically for civilians in the world in which we live today.

• SFWA real life Truth in Training® curriculum was created from real life events by a civilian who survived living 2 years and 5 1/2 hours in continual fear for her life at a time when there were no guns and gear for girls and law enforcement was no where near.

• SFWA Master Certified Instructors learn techniques that enhance student capabilities no matter their level of skill or previous training . . . including an unprecedented 100% success rate in diagnostics and correction of student shooting errors that exceed typical industry standard analytic techniques.

• SFWA Master Instructors excel in helping increase a student's ability to act quickly and precisely in a self defense situation without the use of military and law enforcement objectives.

Become an instructor who can help students excel!

. . . it's not about being a proficient shooting instructor, it is about helping your students out shoot the competition . . . at your level or better!

Because of our huge success rate with students, many who have the desire to be an instructor ask . . .

What does it take to become a SFWA Master Instructor?

SFWA cares most about attitude . . . we can teach you the apptitude necessary to excel in teaching civilians even if you do not have any other firearms instructor training credentials. SFWA only offers invitations to those who have certain qualities [none of which include having prior instructor experience] that will assure they will be able to carry on the tradition of helping civilians excel when their lives depend on it. For years, we have helped women who initially had a fear of handguns become confident competent carrying students, and often have trained those same ladies to become SFWA Master Instructors who have even helped seasoned law enforcment officers and civilians increase their capabilities.  You may have more of what it takes than you expect!

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