increase the odds you will prevail if attacked, in your own home! You will review your home protection plan after taking this course.

Personal Protection At Home - The "Ultimate" Fire Drill - $99*

Your home is your private "castle" and the tactics used to defend yourself and your loved ones within the confines of your own walls are very different from those used elsewhere.

[Includes LIVE virtual review of your floorplan and home protection plan with a SFWA Master Instructor]

Protection At Home is taken to a level not found in any course in the country . . .
custom-fit to your home and family unit, it is an awesome learning experience for the entire family!

This is the 5th course you should take

What to expect . . .

"SFWA's Personal Protection at Home course is a comprehensive "personalized" course designed to work with you and your family and a floor plan of your unique home to help you develop a custom plan to use at home in your personal environment for self defense. It is a real-life home-intrusion self defense 'ultimate fire drill' that includes the entire family."—Susan Romanov, SFWA Founder


Children are a huge part of the plan when it comes to home defense.
There is more to protecting yourself and your family during a home invasion than just having a gun. This is a great course for the whole family to attend. Plus, it gives a whole new meaning to "fire" drill!.
You will develop your own personal plan of defense that is designed especially for your home, and the practice techniques you will need to help secure you and your loved ones in the event of an intrusion. Real life scenarios will be examined and techniques for beating the odds will be learned.

This course is designed to help equip you with the knowledge and techniques that are necessary to help you survive a home intrusion. Survival starts at home, and preparation is essential. Levels of awareness, vulnerability, tactical options, what to do afterwards, how to deal with authorities, and more, is covered.
Ammunition, firearms, tactics, scenarios, and the law will be reviewed. 

You will need to prepare a drawing of your home's floor plan prior to the live virtual training with a SFWA Master Certified Instructor. The drawing you prepare does not have to be to scale but it is an important part of your successful completion of the course. You may allow any family members who reside in your home to participate with you in this course. Your family's safety during a home-intrusion will depend on everyone doing their designated task(s) and we will help you put it all together and with the help of your live virtual trainer [which you will schedule at a convenient time for you after completion of the online course.] SFWA's home protection course is an awesome experience for the entire family!

What some of our students have to say . . .

David Q Family

Maryville, TN

I was very concerned for my family's safety when we moved to a new home. Taking this course has given us all peace of mind as we dealt with the kids bedrooms being on the other side of the house.

Cynthia N

 Johnson City, TN

I would highly recommend this course to single moms! When my daughter and I began our life on our own, her safety and mine at home was a priority. This course was a great experience for us both!

Daniel W

Knoxville, TN

When I had a family, it changed my life and keeping them safe at home is top priority for me and my wife. Being able to work through the best tactical advantages customized to our home's layout is priceless!

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I will schedule my LIVE virtual training segment with a SFWA trainer upon completion of this course

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