What to wear . . . 

Our range is a family oriented facility and appropriate dress is required. For your protection and the safety of others we require that everyone must cover their neck and chest area and their toes to avoid hot empty casings from burning delicate skin; and to stop anyone pointing guns in an unsafe direction while doing a "hot brass" dance.

Please refrain from showing underwear of any kind. Leggings will not be permitted if visible above the knee and must be covered with clothing that covers the thighs completely. Shorts are permitted but must cover the thighs.

We offer new socks for a $1 donation should someone visit the range and be wearing open-toed shoes.
We also have "Women of a Different Caliber" lightweight mini-capes for those shooting who need them to cover their neckline and shoulders.

It is important that everyone have a safe and fun experience with us, if you have any specific questions, please reach out via EMAIL or call 865-446-2699

When we are open . . . 

Our range is open every day except Monday.
Sunday: Noon to 5pm
Tuesday through Saturday: 10am to 8pm*
[*Lane Reservations REQUIRED after 6pm]

The range is located in the industrial/professional complex on Country Meadows Drive, behind the Rivergate Subdivision which is accessible from Snapp Road.  Once you turn into the Rivergate subdivision, please STOP relying on GPS systems as they will take you in circles within the subdivision. It is very simple once you enter the subdivision:

Stay on Rivergate Drive until you cannot go any further. At the last stop sign, you will then take a LEFT and the range will be ahead on your right. 

During COVID and the rebuilding period thereafter, we often close at 6pm rather than our normal 8pm schedule. PLEASE CALL before coming to the range to confirm we will be open after 6pm if you are planning to visit us to shoot in the early evening. *Reservations are only required for lane times after 6pm; but must be made prior to 6pm on the day you wish to shoot.

Before you visit, if you have any other specific questions, please reach out via EMAIL or call 865-446-2699 prior to 6pm as we may not have staff available to answer the phone in the evenings. 

Other FAQs . . . 

Do you sell guns and/or ammunition?
NO, we are not a retail store. We do have ammunition for use in our guns or for shooting on the range during your visit only. All ammunition is donated to SFWA and provided as part of our training or for use by our members for a small donation to SFWA. We typically have most standard handgun calibers available.

NOTICE: Since the AMMO SHORTAGE brought on by our current administration, we only have .22 caliber ammunition available and as such are only allowing use of our .22 caliber handguns with a donation of $25 which includes 50 rounds of ammunition.  

Can RELOADED AMMO be used on the range?
For the safety of everyone at the range, only "factory" reloaded ammunition which is packaged in the factory packaging is permitted to be shot on the range. Annual members may sign our Reloaded Ammo Policy and thereafter shoot ammunition reloaded by the member. Anyone who has an ammunition malfunction that does not keep the gun pointed downrange and a firm grip on the gun for a minimum of 30 seconds will lose the privilege of shooting reloaded ammunition.

Are there any brands of guns that are not permitted on the range?
For the safety of everyone at the range, we do not permit the use of Hi-Point, Charter Arms, Phoenix Arms, SCCY or Lorcin handguns. We have first-hand experience of these guns falling apart and/or failing structurally while shooting and are unsafe.

Are there any brands/types of ammunition that are not permitted on the range?
For the safety of everyone at the range, we do not permit the use of birdshot, steel bullets, bb's, or handgun calibers higher than 50 caliber, or that travel faster than 1,900 feet per second. We will check all ammunition prior to use of the range with a magnet to assure there is not any restricted metals in the bullets. Use of restricted ammunition on the range will result in immediate termination of the right to use the range and shooter will be responsible for any damage to the facility. Check TulAmmo and Wolfe Ammo closely to assure that the ammunition does not have steel bullets--it is not always marked on the packaging and as such a magnet will be used to check all ammunition for steel bullets prior to entering the live-fire range area.

Do I have to be a MEMBER to shoot at the range?
Yes; however, we do offer a daily membership which allows use of the range for the entire day for only $12 per person.  Daily members are also provided eye and ear protection and one (1) target of your choice, FREE. There are many benefits of annual memberships including bringing guests FREE and taking advanced classes FREE or at a reduced rate. Click "Memberships" on the title bar for more information and become one of the family today!

Must I make lane reservations to shoot?
All lanes are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis from 10am-6pm. Reservations are required for shooting after 6pm and must be made before 6pm. Groups larger than 6 people are encouraged to call ahead. There are always lanes available for yearly members with minimal if any wait time. 

What age to you have to be to shoot at the range?
Ages 6 yrs old and up are welcome. NOTICE: All children [6 yrs - 17 yrs] are REQUIRED to take a prescheduled Safety Class before being permitted to shoot on the range. [Please see the KIDS page for more information.]

What if I have never shot a handgun before?
Anyone who has never shot a handgun before, has limited or no experience with handguns or who has not shot a handgun in more than 2 years is required to take a 30 minute Safety Course prior to being permitted to shoot on the range. [Please see Adult Safety Classes page for more information and for the preregistration request link.]

May I pickup and take home my empty brass casings?
Yes you may; but ONLY those you shoot and NO brass may be retrieved forward of the shooting lane.  Otherwise, please sweep up empty brass and place it in the designated pails when done shooting for the day.

May I shoot AR or AK style firearms?
No. Our backstops will not handle the velocity and/or repetitive shots from ARs or AKs. Plus, we made a decision not to allow AR or AK style firearms to make the shooting experience more conducive to a women and family-friendly atmosphere. Because we also cater to new shooters and helping many overcome their fear of the noise and power of firearms, we do not want an AR or AK style firearm being shot on the range beside someone who is shooting for the first time or in the process of overcoming other concerns.

May I shoot a shotgun?
Yes; but only double 00 or triple 000 buckshot or slugs may be shot on the range. Absolutely NO BBs may be shot on the range [including lead BBs]. All shotguns must be shot from the shoulder -- no shooting from the hip -- pistol grip shotguns must be shot from a benchrest position only.  

May I shoot a rifle?
Yes; however only rifles which shoot handgun caliber ammunition with a total calculated velocity of 1,900 ft per second or less. Please call ahead to assure your rifle ammunition is acceptable.

Notice: NO RAPID FIRE IS PERMITTED ON THE RANGE for multiple reasons including safety to others, enjoyment of the facility and to avoid costly damage to the lanes. Anyone who damages the range while shooting due to inability to keep the muzzle of a gun on the target before, during and after pulling the trigger will be responsible for the cost of the damage and will lose all range privileges.

It is important that everyone has a safe and fun experience with us. If you have any other specific questions, please reach out via EMAIL or call 865-446-2699

Classes FAQ's . . . 

If AFTER you have reviewed the following frequently asked questions, you do not find the answer to your question,  please reach out via EMAIL or call 865-446-2699.

"Shooting for Women Alliance Master Instructors provide all class instruction FREE to Family Fun Indoor Range as part of our non-profit mission for women and their families since 2003." - Susan Romanov, SFWA Founder

How do I get put on an email list to keep me updated when classes are scheduled?
If you are interested in a specific class you are encouraged to click HERE to be added our email list. Our classes fill up very fast and if you would like to have a first-shot at registering for a specific class/date being on our email will list will give you that benefit. We DO NOT SELL or otherwise share your email . . . it is for our use only and to help you with access to classes ASAP. We do not send out numerous emails to fill up your email box. Note: If you receive an email that is for a class you may have already taken, please do not "unsubscribe" as we cannot put your email in any of our lists if you unsubscribe. Please simply delete, forward to a friend who may need the class, or ignore the email completely, rather than us lose the ability to stay in touch.

What classes do you offer?
There are a lot of courses we offer in conjunction with Shooting for Women Alliance which are civilian savvy and designed to help you increase the odds you will prevail if you must defend yourself or another person. [Please click on "CLASSES" in the menu bar for more information, to register or to be put on a waiting list.]

Who can attend classes?
Tennessee law requires only those legally qualified for an Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit may attend the Handgun Carry Classes. No children may attend a handgun carry class. Both women and men may attend our handgun carry permit classes.

Kids Classes are limited to 6 yrs of age through 17 yrs of age. Both male and female kids may attend; and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Advanced Classes may be attended by women, their friends and family. Check each specific class for any age restrictions. Anyone under the age of 18 or who may be new to handguns, novice or not shot a handgun in the last 2 years will be required to participate in a Safety Class before participating in any advanced classes. TN Handgun Carry Permit attendees are not required to take an additional safety class first. Yes, men may attend, too.

Why are donations to SFWA NON-REFUNDABLE?
There are many reasons, but the main one is that "donations" are not "fees for service". The class donation [paid online] is a donation made to Shooting For Women Alliance [the all volunteer organization] which helps us pay for the expenses required to offer ladies and their families the ability to receive quality education about firearms, firearms safety, self defense and personal safety. SFWA is available to you at the time you are looking for help in any number of situations BECAUSE of the non-refundable donations which were made to the organization by others who have come before you. Thank you so much for donating to SFWA . . . you may never know the difference you will make in the life of another woman just like you!

What should I wear the day of class?
Come dressed in comfortable attire but be sure that you wear high-necked shirts and shoes that cover your feet completely. The empty brass casings are ejected from the gun each time it is fired and they are hot. Although you will not have lasting burn marks if they hit your skin, they will cause you to instinctively flinch or worse jump when they touch your exposed skin which can be extremely dangerous if you are holding a loaded gun in your hand and become distracted by the hot brass.

What happens if I cannot attend the class I signup for? Can I move to a different class?
We understand that people get sick or things happen in life that can change our ability to do the things we plan. No worries, if you miss a class you sign up for, you may move to a different class in the future anytime within a year of the date of the class you miss. HOWEVER be advised that you may only MOVE your class date ONE TIME. If you subsequently miss the second class you are scheduled to attend, you will be required to make another donation to attend a class in the future.

What happens is that those who miss a class, actually keep others from attending who want to attend on that same date. Our classes stay full and we try very hard to accommodate all people who what to attend our very popular courses for women and the men they bring with them. Thus, we only permit ONE transfer per donation.

Here is the process required if you miss a class date and need to reschedule:

• Please DO NOT CALL us as we have no way of assuring that your message or your class date will be set as you request. We require your request in writing via email as there is a deadline of one year from the date of your original class to reschedule and we only permit ONE transfer.

EMAIL us your name as it appears on your registration for the class, the date you were originally scheduled to attend, and the class date you would like to be transferred to attend. (The available dates are listed on facebook and on the website. We are unable to email you a list of dates.)

What are my next steps after completing the Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Class?

You will not receive a paper certificate; nor will it be required at the Department of Motor Vehicles where you will go to finalize your permit application. Be sure to take with your the state-issued confirmation number you provided to us when you took your permit class. Also you will need to provide the DMV a copy of your valid driver's license or state issued ID and proof of citizenship [a "certified" birth certificate or a valid passport] and your application fee [which will be determined by your military status, your age, when your driver's license or ID expires and whether or not you want an 8 year permit or a lifetime permit]. It is recommended that you finish the application process at a full-service DMV location--and an appointment may be required. The DMV will provide you with the process for where to go so you can have your fingerprints made and how to provide the fingerprints to the DMV to complete your application. Then, a background check will be run locally in the county in which you reside, with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation; which can take a few weeks. You will typically receive your permit in the mail in 30-45 days but it could take 90 days. You may follow the progress of your permit application by logging back in to the online account you set up with the state when you acquired your application number.  [Note: Sometimes the TDSHS will send you a letter shortly after you completed the course which will request that you fill out a survey. Should you receive one, we encourage you to tell the truth about how great your experience was and what you thought of the course.] Please EMAIL any additional questions you may have as our staff may not have the immediate ability to reply via phone; and please allow 48 hours for an email reply.

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