“Being held hostage in my house at knife-point for 5 1/2 hours in 1992 and then stalked for 2 years caused me to live in constant fear of my attacker and stalker. What happened, changed my life forever.” -Susan Romanov

Susan Held Hostage In Her Home in 1992 for 5 1/2 Hours
at Knife-Point and Stalked for 2 Years . . . 

Continued . . .
Knoxville, TN 1992-1994

Before there were handgun carry permits for civilians or [according to the salesman at the time] guns for girls, Susan was living in fear for her life without a break for 2 years and 5 1/2 hours. Since that time, Susan has donated her time to helping other women increase the odds they will prevail if attacked. Necessity being the mother of invention has proven true from selection of the right gun and gear to awareness, handgun retention and training that provides the mindset to find the Wonder Woman in You when your life depends on it. Truth in Training® emerged in the process . . . 

When SFWA's Founder was held hostage in her home for 5 1/2 hours in 1992 and then stalked for 2 years, she was not "self protection" savvy. Attempting to educate herself in what was typically a man's world, she discovered the reality of being a civilian in fear for her life thrown into a training environment that was meant for law enforcement and military.

The difference was that civilians do not have the same legal responsibilities in self-defense situations as those who were offering instruction and training. Plus, being in constant fear for her life for 2 years and 5 hours 1/2 hours, it became clear that the techniques she was being taught did not meet the level of fast and precise reaction time necessary for her to prevail. So, necessity being the mother of invention, it was up to her to meet her need.

Speed up to today, Susan Romanov has developed civilian curriculum that absolutely increases the odds you will prevail in a self defense encounter with a gun, she has taught more than 100,000 women and a few good men (as of 2018), has published magazines on the subject for women and children, and is a motivational speaker and trainer. CLICK to request a FREE link to Susan's horrifying experience as told in Women of A Different Caliber, an Inspirational Story.


Our Founder Through The Years

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