“There is much to tell about Shooting for Women Alliance that is not included below. Most appreciation goes to the industry which has come to respect the mission of SFWA and to our many volunteers who have helped make our efforts a success. Thank you so very much!” -Susan Romanov

Susan Starts Shooting for Women Magazine . . .

Continued . . .
National Distribution Began in 2001

As a publisher [at the time of 14 other titles in the business, health, real estate and building industries nationally], Susan saw the need for a publication for women that was not the norm in the shooting industry . . . so, she took the project on and was extremely successful with 250,000 bi-monthly distribution nationally until she stopped publishing regularly due to having cancer in late 2005. God healed Susan and today SFW still publishes special editions related to specific topics of interest to women. Email us for the link to some of our favorite articles through the years!

Susan was working so intently one day in the office, she never noticed that some of her team members had stuck pencils in her hair! There is always something fun going on at SFWA headquarters, even in the midst of meeting deadlines. Look how old the computer monitor is, LOL! That is what happens when you are a non-profit run by volunteers!

On a more serious note . . .
If it wasn't for the support of industry professionals [like Paul Pluff] and other awesome manufacturers who strive to meet the needs of women who shoot, Shooting For Women magazine would have never been available. Special thanks to NSSF and others who still support our non-profit efforts. Hugs to all! 

Shortly after Susan began publishing Shooting for Women, the NRA began publishing a magazine for women . . .  

(within a month or so, after Susan stopped publishing SFW, the NRA stopped publishing their magazine for women)

. . . and they were mimicking SFW's colors, featured columns, and more!

"Actually, we found it somewhat amusing . . . especially when the NRA printed a feature on women and archery in their next issue after SFW published stories about women archers being NRA had never previously showcased archery in NRA publications. I was warned that the NRA would attempt to put SFW out of business, or buy me out; but when I received a personal call from the assistant to Wayne LaPierre, Jr. asking me 'Who was behind the publishing of SFW?' it took me by surprise. I answered, 'Me. I get the sponsors, write the copy, take the photos, and get it printed and distributed.' They did not believe me, and refused to even provide NRA membership or women's programs literature for SFWA to promote at our conferences FREE. Very few people know of what happened behind the scenes more than 15 years ago; however, SFWA has always been supportive of their cause. I still am longtime NRA member, and NRA certified instructor in many disciplines since 2008."-Susan Romanov


Our Founder Through The Years

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