“I will never forget sitting at the bottom of the bed in my hotel room putting on my shoes preparing to address the conference attendees at breakfast and seeing '500 Women Hit Nashville for Women's Shooting Conference' on FOX News. I was so excited to see the announcement knowing women were the fastest growing segment of the shooting industry, that it took a moment until I realized . . . HEY, THAT'S US! God gave me my 'opening funny' for my talk that morning and everyone clapped and cheered that we made it on national television. The excitement continued the whole weekend!” -Susan Romanov

Susan Produces 1st Ever National Ladies Shooting Conference 

Continued . . .
Nashville, TN 2004

Ladies gathered from all parts of the country to learn about the shooting sports and personal protection . . . the conference made national news on the FOX Channel!

Various celebrities, champion shooters and industry professionals were in attendance too! 

Continued . . .
Nashville, TN 2004

SFWA presented multiple champion shooters plaques of recognition as part of the SFWA "Platinum Shooter" exclusive club wherein members can socialize and learn from others who have faced the challenges of competitive shooting on a national level. Many of these ladies have continued to receive accolades for their shooting talents. Among them is Lena Miculek, Jerry and Kay Clark Miculek's daughter in her earlier days; Joella Bates, only women in the world to take the Big 5 of Africa with a Bow, World Champion with Firearms, mentor and World Champion in Archery; and Cinda Brooks, Triathlon Champion, motivational speaker, author and much more! These ladies were afforded private time together at the conference to empower each other in the world of champions. They all are Women of A Different Caliber!

Many have copied SFWA's signature events [Pajama Party, Fashion Show Luncheon, Murder Mystery Dinner Who-Done-It and more] since then as part of their own events which is awesome! Susan believes, "It is the best compliment ever!" The following year, the SFWA Conference was held in Phoenix Arizona and has many lovely stories of its own to share. One of Susan's favorite memories was listening to young "Holy Terror" [Champion Shooter and Industry Professional, Randi Rogers] dressed in her S.A.S.S. gown telling everyone at the conference, "I have finally found a place as a woman where I belong!" to Julianne Gottlieb, of the Second Amendment Foundation, who found time in her busy schedule to speak at the conference but more importantly to enjoy the spa treatment gathering for attendees on the last day before going home, too! SFWA has also held Personal and Home Protection Conferences through the years. We have one scheduled in the Smoky Mountains in February, 2022

Listen to Governor Bredesen's Welcome Comments About SFWA's Nashville Conference on 2004 . . .

This video was filmed by the Governor's Office in Nashville, TN

It was an absolute surprise and honor to have the Governor of Tennessee welcome the efforts of SFWA and the conference attendees to Nashville in 2004! One of our presenters was Speaker and State Senator Roselind Kurita. The ladies had such a great time with Roselind, who had been featured in Shooting for Women magazine for her support for the 2nd Amendment and her love of shooting. She gave a truly inspirational message to the attendees.

Leslie Easterbrook says a few words and then sings the National Anthem from her balcony for SFWA 2004 Conference . . .

This video was filmed from the balcony of Leslie Easterbrook's home by her loving husband

Leslie [blonde bombshell who starred in the popular Police Academy movies, accomplished actress and all around awesome woman] had intended to attend the first-ever ladies shooting conference in Nashville, TN in 2004 but was called to participate in a movie and rather than not be a part of the conference, she made this now priceless video for the attendees of the conference. SFWA has played the video at every conference since then and women can feel Leslie's energy and love for the shooting sports! Fun Fact: Leslie is more beautiful today than she was in the movies that made her famous, and has aged more than gracefully . . . she still looks half her age and is more lovely than she appears in any role. She is truly a Woman of A Different Caliber!

Listen to a few speakers from SFWA's 1st Conference, including actress Anne Lockhart and her inspirational daughter Carly . . .

This video was filmed at Shooting for Women Alliance's 2004 Conference in Nashville, TN

There were so many wonderfully inspirational people who attended the conference and only few are included in these snippets. It was only during a transfer of files for archiving a while back that the videos on this page were discovered. There was a film-maker who attended the conference who learned about it from the Associated Press who shared some raw footage she took during the conference with Susan, SFWA's Founder.


Our Founder Through The Years

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