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"In 1992, I was held hostage in my home for 5 1/2 hours at knifepoint and then stalked for 2 years
. . . before there were handgun permits or stalking laws. Being in fear for my life was the necessity that created
the techniques we teach today in our many SFWA custom courses-Susan Romanov, SFWA Founder

SFWA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the odds you will prevail in a self-defense situation

Trust what more than 100,000+ SFWA trained women have enjoyed . . . 

Truth in Training® that is designed for civilians who want to increase the odds they will prevail if attacked!

We believe in "Truth in Training®" and to put tips and techniques to the test, we created SFWA Unplugged
Podcasts and more!
Click to check it out . . . there are 11 modern well-lit shooting lanes, white leather sofas, beautiful hardwood floors, candles burning, a kitchen, classroom and gathering areas . . . where safety is never compromised and everyone is family!
We have the only range in the country designed specifically for women and their friends and families located in the amazing Great Smoky Mountains!
You can become an ONLINE member and get all of our courses FREE. We offer virtual courses with live ZOOM instruction to help you select the right gun and gear, shoot with precision, defend yourself, increase your awareness, protect yourself at home, shoot with a laser and in low light, teach your kids gun safety and find the Wonder Woman in You!
SFWA Master Certified Instructors may also teach these exclusive civilian courses to their students in their area.
Exclusive Courses Designed for Civilians by SFWA!
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Publisher of Shooting for Women Magazine and Special Editions
Since 2000
Some of these gals had never shot a gun before taking this course . . .
45 caliber in the same hole!
If you want to learn to shoot like this, we can teach you; and we can teach you to teach others, too!
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SFWA is not a ladies shooting group
membership organization   

SFWA is a non-profit organization which was formed to educate and motivate women [and the men they bring with them] toward increasing the odds of prevailing in a self-defense situation and the shooting sports. Our founder was held hostage in her home in 1992 at knife-point for 5 1/2 hours and then stalked for 2 years before there were handgun carry permits or stalking laws.

All training techniques were designed from our Founder's civilian experience to help others empower themselves in the real world where seconds will count and actions will determine the rest of your life. Susan has been described as a female version of the late Jeff Cooper . . . not interested in competition or personal recognition . . . but dedicated to developing techniques that work for civilian women and men.

Women of a Different Caliber come in all shapes, sizes, walks of life and talents. This social media page was formed to showcase women in the shooting industry and other platforms for their accomplishments, bravery, love and dedication to what is happening in their lives in their hometowns and beyond. Please enjoy, share and/or submit a story of a Woman of a Different Caliber you may respect for her accomplishments or acts of uniqueness!

SFWA's founder has been respected in the industry professionally since 1997 from helping established and new industry-related businesses move to the next level in their training or retail establishments to training tens-of-thousands of women nationwide. Since the beginning, "Truth in Training®" has been at the heart of SFWA's mission. When your life is at stake, there is no room for mistaking civilian responsibilities and techniques for what happens in competition or law enforcement. Your freedom and your life depends on it.

When you are a professional, it has been the standard practice to never talk negatively about your competition but to focus on your own skills and accomplishments. We believe that practice is excellent when it comes to things that will not put a person's life in jeopardy. However, defense of yourself or a loved on with deadly force in a manner that is unsafe or that does not make good sense in a life and death situation should not be ignored. That is why we began "shootin' straight" a while back. 

What others say about SFWA

Some quick fun facts . . .

Shooting for Women
The Magazine

In 2000, when we received my first copy in the mail, we were hooked! It was better than any magazine ever for women in this industry! When SFWA shifted its resources to training curriculum and helping women better defend themselves in an attack, it made perfect sense. We have since enjoyed SFW's Special Editions, and their training techniques for civilians!
- Many Magazine Subscribers and Students

SFWA Conferences
and Events

In 2003, when I was registered to attend SFWA's flagship conference for women in Nashville, I got called for an acting job. So, I called Susan an asked if I could tape me singing our national anthem a capella for the conference . . . I did, and she has played it for attendees for years! The ladies had a grand time and learned so much. It was truly a remarkable experience that I have always regretting missing.
We have always enjoyed good times in this industry together!
- Leslie Easterbrook, "Police Academy" Actress

SFWA Real Life Simulator 1st in the Industry by Civilian Trainers!

It all started when the oldest and most respected virtual real life military and law enforcement simulator manufacturer agreed to work with SFWA . . . a civilian organization . . . and make it possible for SFWA to add virtual customized training to our curriculum! Since then, SFWA has teamed up with a different company to help make the cost for our master instructors much more affordable. The result, SFWA offers instructors the ability to bring our exclusive training to life for our students in real life customized scenarios designed for civilian self defense!
- Tom Hubbard, SFWA Master Instructor

We encourage you to visit FamilyFunIndoorRange.com to learn more about The Only Range In The Country Designed Especially For Women, Their Friends and Family  . . . and check out our social media pages, too!


Shooting for Women Alliance, Headquarters
1874 Country Meadows Drive, Sevierville, TN



Directions to our Range located in the beautiful Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains!


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